3rd October 2024

19:00 - 23:00

£28 + BF

AEG Presents
+ Cochise
+ Micro

14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

“At a certain point, all these moments added up to one undeniable fact: $NOT is a legitimate star who makes music that will find its way to the ears of millions, no matter where it’s shared on the internet.” – Complex

“The rapper and singer has been one of hip-hop’s most exciting, charismatic and likable young guns for nearly three years now…But musically, Ethereal may be his finest chapter yet: alternately dark and light, dreamy and menacing, dismissive and romantic, evoking angels, demons, winter and summertime.” – GQ

$NOT treats his music as a vessel through which he can express his darkest thoughts. He’s created a template for records fueled by raw aggression and spur-of-the-moment creative sparks, transforming genuine angst into something much louder and more immediate. He’s worked with some of the biggest artists in rap, having invited them into his world instead of conforming to theirs, and coming out on top. Now, $NOT is ready to make the most stadium-shaking music of his career by returning to the loud, abrasiveness of his earlier work. “When I’m in the studio, if I’m in the mood to make some sad s***, f*** it,” $NOT says. “I just say what’s on my mind that day.”

The New York-born but Florida-raised rapper rose from the ashes of the Soundcloud era as an amalgamation of everything that’s come before him, an artist who’s comfortable wearing numerous stylistic hats and with the enduring spirit of a prize fighting boxer. He began making music in 2016 as a teenager in South Florida, uploading to Soundcloud syrupy Memphis-influenced raps as if he were a young Project Pat. And much like early Three 6 Mafia, $NOT’s music also features a brooding angst that’s always in competition with his urge to just say ‘f*** it’ and make the hardest song possible.