Suede – SOLD OUT
15th December 2023

18:30 - 22:30

£45 + BF

SJM Concerts Presents
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14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

Suede kick-started the Brit-pop revolution of the 1990s, reviving the romance and drama of glammy guitar rock for an era that got mired in the swirling neo-psychedelia of shoegaze and Madchester. Despite their enormous influence, Suede always seemed to exist on the margins of Brit-pop, never indulging in the laddish behavior that wound up defining the scene by the mid-’90s. Part of this was due to a matter of taste: Suede didn’t favor the brightly colored sounds of the swinging ’60s, they preferred the seedy, arty styles of proto- and post-punk. It proved to be the foundation for an enduring career, yet after the release of their eponymous debut in 1993, Brit-pop soon became defined by boisterous hooks and lager-swilling loud guitars, and the group was ill-equipped to combat the shifting tides due to a rift between their vocalist and guitarist who left during the recording of 1994’s Dog Man Star, a weighty double-album that emphasized the gothic undertones in Suede’s work.

Continuing with guitarist Richard Oakes, Suede swapped gloom for “Trash,” creating a fizzy spin on glam for Coming Up, their biggest hit album of the ’90s. The group followed in that direction for two more albums before splitting, only to reunite a decade later with Bloodsports, an effort that touched upon the highs of Suede and Dog Man Star. The reunited Suede turned into an institution as they found new ways to spin their signature sound on such albums as 2022’s Autofiction.