The Backseat Lovers
16th May 2022

19:00 - 23:00

£15 + BF

Communion & FKP Scorpio Presents
The Backseat Lovers

14+ (under 16s with an adult)

The Backseat Lovers are from Heber City and Sandy, UT. Their birth certificates contain these names: Jonas Swanson, Joshua Harmon, KJ Ward, Juice Welch. The band started when Josh, having heard of local drummer Juice Welch, introduced himself and asked if he wanted to start a band. They immediately started working on arrangements for some of Josh’s songs. Later Josh met lead guitarist and vocalist Jonas Swanson while waiting in line for an open mic at the Velour in Provo city. Neither of them got on the list to play that night, so they sat on a park bench outside the venue and played their songs to each other until they ran out stuff to play. Josh invited Jonas to come down and play with he and Juice. It was that night that Out of Tune, a song Josh had been holding onto since he was 16, came to life when they arranged it as a group. In spring of 2018 the band began recording together. They released their self produced EP Elevator Days on June 3, 2018 and played their first show a few short weeks after. They released their first full length LP, When We Were Friends on January 27th, 2019. The lens continually refocuses itself on the song—the feelings at hand. Adulthood is waiting with a crooked smile and the photos you’re taking only leave the subjects more and more blurry.